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“No surprise, everything works like a finely tuned, well-oiled machine able to Turn on a Dime. Any LRB fan has to know only that it’s an LRB album. Satisfaction is guaranteed, even assumed. If you like bluegrass, disdaining anything the band does is not an option. These guys have the whole notion of modern ‘grass mastered.” Rambles.net

“One of the hottest bluegrass acts in the world, Lonesome River Band.” McCreary County Record

“LRB has done what few bands have done, continuously reinvented itself through the years, staying both popular and relevant.” – Keith Lawrence, BLUEGRASS NOTES

“For three decades, the Lonesome River Band has been one of the top Bluegrass acts in the format. One of the reasons for that is that their sound has always continued to evolve. This collection is sterling proof of that. The songs are ones their fans are no doubt familiar with, but each of the songs have been re-cut to celebrate the band’s milestone.” – Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville

 “It is remarkable, one of the best recordings that I have heard recently and
done in a very inspired fashion.” – Jim Moulton, CountryStarsOnline

 “Lonesome River Band’s Chronology, Volume One is a mighty fine album! LRB are among my all-time faves and this celebration makes me more than happy!” – Remo Ricaldone, THE LONG JOURNEY (ITALY)

 “If you haven’t heard this recording, I would recommend it highly, but I would also recommend that if you haven’t heard the original recordings by the LRB, that you should seek them out.” – BLUEGRASS TODAY

 “Featuring four-time IBMA banjo player of the year Sammy Shelor and Brandon Rickman on guitar and lead vocals, Lonesome River Band creates modern bluegrass music that burns with passion and precision.” – Steve Stone, AUDIOPHILE

 “While all the tracks are great – would I expect less? – The last two are my favorites. “Hobo Blues ” has a great instrumental opening, with a “new grass” mood set by the fiddle and banjo duet prominently out front. The album’s closer, “Angeline the Baker” is a traditional instrumental reel with the band giving the Irish tune a bluegrass feel.  It’s only 28 minutes long but this EP satisfies nicely.” – Steve Ramm, ANYTHING PHONOGRAPHIC

 “Keep ’em coming, fellas: we’ll look forward to more great stuff in years to come.” – SLIPCUE

“Excellent musicians all.  If you’re a longtime LRB fan and have all their old albums this is still a good one to add to your collection since they are all cut again for this CD. If you don’t have the old versions, run out and get this one. It’s a good listen.”

“Chronology, Volume One by the Lonesome River Band is full of perky rhythms, joyful whoops and glorious bluegrass sounds. The classic band is still discovering how much is possible.” –   John Shelton Ivany  jsitop21.com

“A stomping banjo-fiddle duet kicks off Angeline The Baker, a new recording that proves the band hasn’t finished making that distinctive sound.” BLUEGRASS MUSIC PROFILES

“Although routed in the tradition sound of artist including Flatt and Scruggs and Bill Monroe, LRB has always features a driving rhythm, tight vocal harmonies and arrangement, in addition to dynamic improvisations. Just listen to their treatment of Angeline the Baker, with Shelor, Jones and Hartgrove trading licks on this old time foot tapper.” HUDSON VALLEY BLUEGRASS

“Lonesome River Band, like Special Consensus, have been working for decades now and on this eight track album, the current configuration of the legendary bluegrass outfit takes on some of the band’s best, most well-known songs from the first decade of their career. Two more albums will be released throughout 2012 that will cover the second and third decades of their career as well. Listening to this album, Sammy Shelor and company deliver sterling performances on I’m Afraid To Love You Anymore, Hobo Blues and The Game Is Over (just to name a few).” Matt Bjorke, ROUGHSTOCK.com


“Man, I love this!  It’s a HIT!” –  Kyle Cantrell – Sirius XM Radio

“FABULOUS!  That’s a winner!” –  Terry Herd – Bluegrass Radio Network

“On their latest album, the band delivers the same driving sound that has made them fan favorites.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine

“STILL LEARNING is the best album I have heard in ten years” – Bob Hayes – Kluane Mountain Bluegrass Festival (Canada)

“The instrumental work is impeccable throughout, and showed off to best effect on the sparkling ‘Pretty Little Girl’, a traditional instrumental arranged by Sammy Shelor, which closes the set.” ~ My Kind of Country

“Longevity in one’s career could be a double edged sword, but the Lonesome River Band has found a way to evolve with the times while always keeping their sound in tact and with the release of Still Learning you get another classic bluegrass album for your collection.” –
Today’s Country Magazine

“Shelor is the lynchpin.  His right-handed precision infuses every song with a solid rhythmic pocket, and his laying is unique due in part to his ability to be ever-so slightly on top of the beat without speeding up.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine

“I harbor a seriously soft spot for banjo, and Sammy Shelor plays a mighty fine one, melodic, smooth, but constructed from whirlwinds and uber-kinetics when required.” ~ FAME

“The LRB really has put out a winner of a CD with “Still Learning”, from the stellar sound quality to the great singing and wonderful selection of songs. This is Bluegrass at it’s best, with fast songs, great playing, great high lonesome harmonies. This could be the best Bluegrass CD this year. From the fist song “Record Time Machine” I knew I was in for a real treat. Could it be? This band has been together almost 30 years, yet they sound so fresh.” – CYBERGRASS

“It’s a shame music like this isn’t making it to the mainstream as much as it should. Certainly, on classic rock stations where Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, the Band, and the likes of Springsteen and Mellencamp are so easily found, you’d think this much rootsier sound would be a godsend. But that may itself be the problem. Were Lonesome River Band and ilk to show up in such venues, they just might start bleeding off sales of those other estimables, and we can’t have that……can we? Well, yes we can. That’s what competition means, and that’s what keeps everything alive and fresh. Think about it.” – FAME